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One Call. One Source. A Once-In-A-Lifetime Marketing Partnership.

Truly great leaders all have one thing in common – they understand that they cannot bring their business to the highest level of performance and sustain it without exceptional talent around them. Change is constant in the digital age. So, who is helping you to more proactively plan for success, seize opportunities, solve big challenges, develop game-changing ideas, and execute those ideas in a timely fashion to grow your business every year? This is who we are and what we do for a select few clients who above all, value quality people and work. Welcome to Normandin Marketing.     -Tony, Kayla & George (pictured left to right below)

Below is a list of disciplines we’ve mastered and provide:


Comprehensive Analysis
Creative Development 
Lead Generation 
Digital Content
Public Relations


Brand Naming + Development
Graphic Design
Video + Motion Graphics 
Web Design + Development


Social Media Marketing
Brand Reputation Management
Email Marketing
Website Hosting & CMS 

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